For an increasingly mobile generation, global news, trends and affairs are as accessible as ever – but loyal, reliable sources are hard to find.

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Sector: Media/Retail/Hospitality

Founded: 2007

Based: Zürich, London, Tokyo,
New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, Singapore

The next generation values quality of life – and this means seeking out memorable and authentic experiences, no matter where they find themselves in the world.


Though this demographic is fluent in the latest technology, they know that anonymous user reviews can’t be relied on. Instead, they want authoritative guidance from a trusted source that shares their global outlook.

“Sansiri and Monocle are both
international in terms of vision and reach, committed to good design and interested
in the development of cities.” Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief and Chairman

Monocle, an influential media brand launched in 2007 by Tyler Brûlé, anticipated the desires of this consumer base more than any other company. Over the past decade, Monocle has redefined the media landscape. Conceived as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, urbanism, culture, design and more, Monocle has gained a loyal following of globally minded readers looking for quality journalism, trusted recommendations and a distinct point of view.

“By treating the world as our market”, says editor-in-chief Brûlé, “we’ve managed to build a committed, engaged and attractive customer base.”

But Monocle’s reach and influence extends far beyond the printed page, encompassing film, conference, online and a 24-hour radio station. “From the very start we’ve always seen Monocle as a complete brand, not simply a print title”, says Brûlé. An extensive retail network, with an online store and shops in London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, caters to readers’ tastes with a selection of stylish own-brand products and collaborations with likeminded brands. Cafés in London and Tokyo, and a newsstand and coffee concept in London called Kioskafé, provide the perfect spot to flick through the pages of the latest magazine. Sansiri and Monocle’s partnership is a natural fit. “Both companies are international in terms of vision and reach, committed to good design and interested in the development of cities,” says Brûlé. “Given our current and future growth in Southeast Asia, they’re uniquely poised to help us build our readership base. Longer term, we see potential for broader partnerships in the food and beverage, retail and residential space.”


“Our partnership with Sansiri is potentially endless,” says Brûlé. “There’s so much we can do together.”


Tyler Brûlé

Editor-in-Chief and Chairman

Q: What should publishers be doing to prepare for the future?

A: Publishers need to be more confident about putting print at the core and being a magazine first and foremost. Too many media companies that claim to be publishers chop away at their flagship product before figuring out how to build an audience via digital.

Q: What’s the next Monocle venture on the horizon?

A: New bureaux in Los Angeles and Bangkok, new titles in our books line-up and a range of toiletries.

Q: What opportunities do you see between Monocle and others joining the Sansiri stable?

A: Given Monocle’s track record of covering the best in urbanism, we feel there’s an opportunity to work on a new type of residential and retail development. Stay tuned.

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