One Night

One Night

A spontaneous booking app is changing the way people plan and book same-day stays in handpicked hotels worldwide.

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Sector: Hospitality/Travel

Founded: 2016

Based: London, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, The Hamptons, Washington DC

The consumers of the future want instant gratification – and they want it now. The desire for immediate convenience and comfort with spur-of-the-moment purchasing has already shaped the way we shop and dine, and now it’s shaping how we book hotels, too.


The proof is in One Night, an app offering a simple, effective value proposition: the best rates at the best hotels. Starting at 3pm each day, 125 hotels in 11 cities release unbeatable last-minute prices for same-night stays.

“One Night provides a highly marketable means for a hotel to garner significant incremental revenue from its same-day, distressed inventory while elevating its brand equity with its affiliation of other highly
sought-after hotels.” Jimmy Suh, President and Co-founder

The app, developed by Standard International, the parent company of The Standard hotel group, includes all existing locations of The Standard alongside a carefully curated list of partner hotels. Users also gain access to complimentary hour-by-hour suggestions on what to do, see, eat and drink in each hotel and its surrounding area – whether they book a room or not.


One Night represents a new way of thinking within the hospitality industry – it’s about seeing other players in the game as potential partners and collaborators, not competitors.

“We truly respect and appreciate the visions of our fellow hotel operators,” says Jimmy Suh, president and co-founder of One Night. “This app is a platform that celebrates some of the hotel brands we admire the most.”


The partner hotels have positioned themselves similarly to how The Standard operates: as independent, distinct personalities that value good design, pay close attention to the details and give back to their neighbourhoods by acting as nerve centres for local creatives.


Using an elegant, black-and-white design scheme, One Night presents available rooms in an evocative storytelling format, randomly generating the non-hierarchical order in which they appear. Prices aren’t paramount – users must swipe to see rates.


Upon launching the app, One Night was surprised to find that 70 per cent of bookings were from new guests, most of them local. They’d created a new way for locals to understand and enjoy their cities through spontaneous nights out. By banding together, each partner hotel enjoys the halo effect of being in proximity to likeminded brands with allied interests.

One Night provides hotels with a tool to maximise room-rental revenue while elevating brand equity through affiliation. And for the consumer, Suh explains, the app “provides great value for last-minute hotel bookings without having to sacrifice quality for the unplanned moment”.


“Our partnership with Sansiri will help us to realize our full potential and to grow internationally,” says Suh. Until Standard International launched One Night, “no hotel company had ever had the courage or the skillset to launch a distribution company for other hotel brands. Sansiri’s interest in globalization and technology to serve as pillars for its future is evident in its partnership with One Night.”


Jimmy Suh

President and Co-founder

Q: Why is it important to be selective?

A: Being selective with our hotels ensures One Night’s integrity and the trust factor to our users – and in turn brings the right discerning demographic who appreciate our hotel partners’ unique experiences.

Q: What are your favourite holiday destinations?

A: I am biased towards destinations with beautiful sand and water, and resorts that are rustic in design.

Q: What’s the last spontaneous thing you did?

A: Surprised my wife with a last-minute weekend getaway to upstate New York.

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