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The Standard

From being places to rest your head to becoming the beating hearts of local creative scenes, hotels of the future are redefining hospitality.

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Sector: Hospitality/Travel

Founded: 1999

Based: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London (opening 2018)

The Standard – as its logo implies – is a brand that’s turned the hospitality industry on its head.


Since opening its first location in West Hollywood in 1999, the company has created the blueprint for a new kind of hotel experience: design-led, creative destinations that are deeply rooted in local cultural scenes.

“There is a host of things we can do today – whether it’s in retail and cafés, or in publishing and media. We’re breaking down the barriers that normally restrict hotel activities.” Amar Lalvani, CEO

The Standard is a hub for creative energy and collaboration in each city it touches down in. On top of hosting high-profile events, the hotel also offers physical spaces for innovative pop-up activations and public art installations. As a brand, The Standard thinks holistically and authentically, and caters to the needs of escapists and explorers alike. Today, The Standard has five hotels in operation – in New York, Los Angeles and Miami Beach – with its first international property opening soon in London. It’s also acquired Bunkhouse, a boutique hotelier with outposts in San Francisco, Texas and Mexico. These properties extend The Standard’s presence into smaller gateway cities with thriving artistic scenes.

“There’s a host of things we can do today,” says CEO Amar Lalvani, “whether it’s in retail and cafés, or in publishing and media – we’re breaking down those barriers that normally restrict hotel activities.” Indeed, The Standard’s suite of acclaimed restaurants and nightlife spots are as popular as their hotels, making them as much a destination for locals as for visitors. The hotel shop sells exclusive artist editions, books, clothes and design objects that let you take home the experience. And the publication Standard Culture connects everything The Standard loves – food, drink, music, art and meeting new people – in print and digital platforms.


The Sansiri partnership provides The Standard with entry into a new realm of creativity and collaboration – and allows it to drive further into new neighbourhoods and gateway markets. “It’s time to accelerate and get things done,” says Lalvani, “and Sansiri will bring a lot of discipline and motivation to that process.”


“No one’s really come up with something that answers the way people want to live today,” says Lalvani. “Sansiri enables us to answer that. We want to do the things that no other hotel group can do, and now, we can do exactly that.”


Amar Lalvani


Q: Is there room for hotels in the sharing economy?

A: Absolutely. Ironically, the sharing economy accommodations don’t bring people together. Distributive models are fantastic, but they can’t provide the experiences we do. These innovators force us to get better – to focus on the things that make us special.

Q: Why is it important to upend tradition?

A: The world moves fast. Economies change. Habits change. We have no choice if we want to be relevant – and The Standard is never just relevant.

Q: What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

A: Exploring. Seeing new things. It’s that constant search that makes The Standard anything but standard.

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